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Ejes Temáticos Contemporáneos. Cerrar los centros de detencion: Segunda Parte

The Occupation of Alcatraz - Part One

The Occupation of Alcatraz - First part. The Occupation of Alcatraz from November 20, 1969, through June11, 1971, Native Americans took the island, led by a group named (AIT - Americans Indian Tribal). They remained for fourteen months, until they were forcibly removed by the federal government.

Alcatraz - Part Two

On February 4 2017, the commemoration of the Occupation of Alcatraz took place, to remeber the struggle and resistance that indigenous peoples faces.

Sinopsis: Sinopsis The Occupation of Alcatraz El 4 de febrero de 2017 se conmemoró la Ocupación de Alcatraz, para recordar la lucha y resistencia que enfrentan los pueblos indígenas. Desde el 20 de noviembre de 1969 hasta el 11 de junio de 1971, los nativos americanos tomaron la isla, suceso conocido como “la ocupación de Alcatraz”, dirigida por un grupo llamado (AIT - American Indian Tribal) quienes permanecieron allí durante catorce meses, hasta que fueron removidos por la fuerza del gobierno federal. Durante la conmemoración de la ocupación de Alcatraz, los indígenas insistieron en la importancia de la resistencia en defensa de sus territorios, enfatizando en el respeto por el agua y la Madre Tierra. Como guerreros hablaron de la hermandad entre sus tribus en la lucha en Standing Rock y la lucha por la defensa de Dakota del Norte, donde los intereses de las corporaciones se expresan en la explotación petrolera, del agua y la tierra con la construcción de oleoductos, ante lo cual, las Tribus se han aglutinado y conectado por todo el país mientras se declaran en contra de la construcción del oleoducto que contaminará el agua de sus territorios, generando daños ambientales y la contaminación del planeta. Se reúnen con la convicción de que los protectores de la Madre Tierra van a continuar la batalla por la justicia.

We The People Speak

We The People Speak is a segment dedicated on informing the public about cultural, social, and human rights. Today we are reporting on the event by The Women's March.

We The People Speak Standing Rock - Segment One

We The People Speak is a segment dedicated on informing the public about cultural, social, and human rights. Today we are reporting on the event by American Indian Movement to stop the building of the pipeline, and are fighting for the protection of their land, which is destroying the sources of water and the sacred sites.

We The People Speak Standing Rock - Segment Two

Rights theme, in this chapter we have a concert benefit for Standing Rock, and an Encounter with the author, journalist, and democracy activist Harvey Wasserman who speaks about the fraud in the past elections.

Jazikidi, Journey of the Amazon - Documentary Screening and Discussion 
Summer Stride, Read Create Explore

The San Francisco Public Library Presents Jazikidi, Journey of the Amazon - Documentary Screening and Discussion 
Thursday, June 30 7:00 -8:30 p.m.

SF Public Library, Excelsior Branch
4400 Mission St., SF, CA 94111

Jazikidi is a route by the denominated "lung of the world": Through this documentary we journeyed exotic landscapes, the river takes to us, by the exuberant forest, from the Colombian, Peruvian and Brazilian Amazonian to the Iguazú Falls. The magic of the Amazonian also is lived in the cultures that live there, its customs: forms of life, work, production, rituals, dances, feeding, and social organization.

Jazikidi presents the wealth of the biodiversity on this part of South America, the history of its resources and the colonization process; it also shows the dangers in which this vital region for the planet is, with an ample visual and journalistic coverage and a high level of academic assistance, the important value that lodges this region.

Spanish with English subtitles.
Supported by Friends of San Francisco Public Library


Homelessness in San Francisco

Homelessness - One of the major problems of San Francisco today is the homelessness in one of the richest cities in the country. During the weekend several organizations were reunited to create solutions.

Climate Mobilization

On the ocassion of The International Summit on Climate Change, November 25 – December 10 which take place in Paris, rallies and demonstrations in many countries and cities of the World to stop the climate change, we registered in Oakland and the Bay area of California some images, to inform the public, about the most important affairs of the meeting, and the current ecological damages on the planet.

Enough is Enough
Rally at City Hall in San francisco by grassroots organizations, Initiatives.

Francisco Herrera, 2015 San Francisco Candidate for Mayor

World Oneness Day/Día Internacional de la Meditación

International Workers' Rights Day/Día Internacional del Trabajo


For the first year, we will produce a series of newscast on environmetal news and programs that are open to broadcast locally, nationally, and internationally through Internet platforms that focus on spaces for distribution and market on international channels. Thus, we will be offering the services of communication and information through the application of new technologies with an efficient and professional team.

The creation of the virtual channel is carried out in three phases:

1. Producing a series of documentaries and news for the first year.

2. Creating a traditional cable channel expansion into Latin America and the United States for the second and third year.

3. Consolidation of an environmental channel dedicated to the production and exhibition of documentaries for national and international distribution.

The serie of neswcast is on the environment that will open distribution markets in Latin America, the United States, and Europe, consisting of projects already in development and production.

— A 28-minute weekly news about the environmenton local, national, and international affairs.


— A 28-minute weekly program on environmental affairs regarding climate change, deforestation, and others themes in the regions.

— A 28-minute weekly news on culture and art about the diversity of the regions and the relations with the environment.

Channel H2O TV focuses on the performance of videos and documentaries related to Latin American and the world’s cultures. The documentaries are distributed to international channels, universities, and institutions.


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