Channel H2O TV is the continuation of the The Art and Culture Workshop, a non-profit and informal organization that advances an independent project in Bogotá and Los Angeles, California. This organization is dedicated to researching, teaching, and spreading Latin American culture through the use of audiovisual material, artistic events, and academic activities. Founded in 1990 in Los Angeles, the Workshop has coordinated activities in libraries, museums, universities, and community centers. 

The Art and Culture Workshop coordinates events with other private and public entities, among them: the Regional Library of San Juan Capistrano for the Multicultural Festival, the Bowers Museum for their Cultural Festival, conferences with the Colombia Human Rights Network in Washington, D.C., and relied on the sponsorship of the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, the California Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts to present musical workshops.

In 2007, we produced the Colombian Music Festival sponsored by the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department in the John Anson Ford Amphitheater located in Hollywood.

Channel H2O TV is taking orders for the Colombian Music Festival video for $15 a copy. Order yours through Paypal below.


The main focus of the Channel H2O TV is the generation of environmental high value content for television; how to develop innovation processes from environmental resources in Colombia and South America, and to develop environmental exchange looking forward to business internationally.

This series of documentaries, newscasts, and programs are open to a broadcast locally, nationally, and internationally through Internet platforms that address spaces for distribution in international market and channels. Additionally, we will lay the first foundations for offering services and products of communication and information through the application of new technologies.  We will also manage the productions and distribution of programs around ​​Los Angeles, the state of California, and the world, for the links, relationships, and background that we have developed since the beginning of our cultural activities in English and Spanish.


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